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Termite Control Perth are the experts in termite inspections, termite detection and termite control and have been removing termites from homes across Perth, Ipswich and Logan for over many years. Our termite treatment services have helped save thousands of Perth homes from this destructive pest, together with our pest control services that has been protecting Perth families since many year. We offer home owners in Perth, Coast peace of mind by providing effective solutions to all termite (white ant) and pest control needs with an experienced, licensed and trusted team of professionals.

Perth Termite Control understand the stress that termites bring to you as a home owner; both emotionally and financially and we consider it our privilege to help you protect and insure one of your biggest investments. We only use the latest and most accurate detection technology during your termite inspection. We use a combination of a Tamarac device (that picks up movement, sound & moisture) and a thermal image camera heat device to ensure your termite check is thorough. We provide a full written report with our findings and recommendations written in plain English. We are very experienced in all types of termite treatment and removal for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Perth. Our specialists will use the most effective treatment methods based the type of building that is infested and where they have been detected. 

We also services for Pest and Termite Inspection

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